Episode #005 Wedding Invitations with Ledgewood Fine Stationery

Hi everyone thank you for tuning in to the fifth official HBG podcast episode! This podcast episode will answer all your questions on napkins and paper goods for your wedding.

Episode #005 tells you all that you need to know about wedding napkins, paper goods, and invitations etc. A few of the questions answered in this video are...

When should you start thinking about invitations?

Should you ask if they make custom designs or use templates?

What types of printing processes they use?

Some more things covered in this episode are the dreaded RSVP, picking out invitations for your wedding, and how much of your wedding style should you try to incorporate into your invitation. Should a bride have her wedding style chosen before she starts working on invitations? What type of paper goods should a bride be shopping for? How far in advance do you have to have invitations out? Save-the-date cards? Wedding announcements? Wedding invitation components? All of the above and more are answered in this podcast!

Thank so much for tuning into this episode of the official HBG podcast! Special thanks to our special guest Frances Ledgewood from Ledgewood Fine Stationery and make sure to go check them out! Here are Ledgewood and our links!

Episode #004 Wedding Flowers with Bishop's Flowers

Welcome back to the fourth episode of the official HBG podcast! This episode is all

about wedding flowers featuring Leigh Cella of Bishop’s Florist. If you have questions

about weddings that need to be answered then you have found the podcast for you.

Episode #004 focuses on all things flowers for your wedding! Some of the questions

that are answered in this podcast episode are...

When should you start looking for a florist?

When you get engaged should you think about colors and what flowers will be in season

on your wedding date?

What is the standard color palette for the different seasons?

This episode tells you everything you need to know about wedding flowers, choosing

flowers, rentals, and what to expect when you start looking for florist. What are basic

floral needs? Are flowers charged by the piece or the wedding? Should a bride have a

budget and try to trust a florist to keep them within a budget? How long does it take to

get all the designs finalized? Trends in flowers right now, comments, and flowers that

look like shrubs? Keeping it traditional or funky?

Thank you to Leigh Cella and Bishop’s florist for coming to hang out with us today! If

you enjoyed this podcast and liked us then please follow us on all of our social media

Episode #001 Booking Venues with Meadowcreek Farms

Episode #001 Booking Venues with Meadowcreek Farms

Welcome to the first official Hometown Bride guide podcast! This podcast series will answer all your wedding planning questions so your special day will go just as planned.

Episode #001 is all about your venue. Tara Chandler from Meadowcreek Farms and I will be going through a series of questions for example…

When should you start looking for a venue?

Picking your date? Picking your date before a venue yay or nay?

Dates around football season, holidays, and Sunday weddings

This podcast tells all about what the photographer looks for in a venue. What style of venue is right for you. What are some must haves for your wedding venue. On top of all the important questions that have been answered we cover wedding insurance and weather issues and worst case scenarios.

Thank you to our special guest of the episode Tara Chandler. If you enjoyed the podcast and think it was helpful please leave a review and follow us on all our social media.

Thanks for tuning in!!

Peace Out

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